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Ceramicspeed Ufo Drip Chain Coating

Ceramicspeed Ufo Drip Chain Coating

Ufo Drip

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CeramicSpeed Introduces World’s Fastest Chain Coating

The UFO Drip Chain Coating is not only a new product, it is an entirely new category of product. The world’s first bottled chain coating initiates a drivetrain efficiency revolution.

After more than 4,000 hours of lab and field testing, Friction Facts and CeramicSpeed now introduce the world’s fastest bottled chain product. UFO Drip Chain Coating is a breakthrough product. It began as a project with very specific goals, which at its core, shares the same DNA that defines the rest of CeramicSpeed’s exceptional product line: visionary ambition, research-based precision testing, and premium quality.

What is the UFO Drip Chain Coating?
The coating is a bottled product for chains that is applied in liquid form, and which hardens to a 100% dry chain coating. It generates less friction than any other chain lube on the market (being out-performed only by the factory-treated UFO Racing Chain). And as Friction Facts’ research has so often concluded: every watt lost to friction is one less watt available to power the bike forwards.

Chief Technology Officer at CeramicSpeed, Jason Smith, the brain behind this revolutionary product, explains:

"Other lubricants may claim to be "the fastest", but data-driven testing - not to mention logic and semantics - suggests otherwise. There can only be one "fastest". And UFO Drip Chain Coating is it."

The UFO Drip Chain Coating data proves:

- The world’s fastest bottled product for chains
- 20% lower friction than the second fastest bottled lubricant in initial pre-ride friction
- 83% lower than the second fastest bottled lubricant in post-ride friction
- 46% decreased drivetrain wear vs wet lubes
- Minimum of 200k between applications

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